In the year 2001 the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart under its Artistic Director founded FESTIVALENSEMBLE STUTTGART. The unique combination of a large mixed choir and symphonic orchestra quickly established FESTIVALENSEMBLE STUTTGART among the leading educational ensembles in Europe.

Young musicians from all countries of the world are chosen after auditions in Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA to take part in the project every summer. Auditioning is mandatory for all FESTIVALENSEMBLE members again every year thus maintaining the ensemble‘s high standards. Application is open for singers up to 30 years and instrumentalists up to 28 years of age - there is no restriction regarding nationality, social backgrounds nor political and religious orientation. Tolerance towards and interest in other people‘s culture is a major aspect of the project and - of course, making wonderful music in a group of enthusiastic people!

FESTIVALENSEMBLE STUTTGART members are invited to Germany for a period of 3 to 5 weeks in late summer to Germany. In a two weeks period at Salem Internationa College, the main works are studied and rehearsed. Additionally to tutti rehearsals renowned teachers lead sectional rehearsals for each instrumental section and offer individual tuition for the musicians. Voice coaches work with the choir members not only on the main pieces but also on solo repertoires the singers are encouraged to bring along to the project. Many small a cappella and chamber music formations also rehearse or just sing or play along in free times.


A Multinational Project of the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart